Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Magic, READ YA BOOK!!!!!!

So I was watching DreamGirls with my homegirl while I'm doing her hair today. Aside from laughing at any given moment thinking about Jamie's Peen (teehee), I couldn't help but notice Lil Magic and all that raw emotion she was giving me at the end of the movie!! I was like, somebody please call Tyler Perrrrrrrry!!! Tyler Perry! and get this little girl a gig! I mean, KeKe Palmer ain't the only little black girl out there that can shed a tear on camera.

But apparently, Lil Magic has been hitting the mean streets! I CAN'T!!!! I asked the twitters, and thanks to DivaTy I saw this flyer , and I was like, performing WHAT exactly. I wish I had never known. Cause as soon as I asked, she sent me this.

Magic, get off this stage. AND READ YA BOOK! Read more ...