Saturday, May 30, 2009

They Shoulda Never Gave You Ni99as Animation

Sorry I've been on hiatus. But I'm back with a fuckery filled post for you. By now, you've probably seen THIS NIGGA

from Pretty Ricky dancing in a gotdamn red speedo. If not, you can click here. I don't want to post it, cause that might cause the site to crash due to fuckery overload, considering what I'm about to post.

Somebody thought it would be cute to put it in cartoon form. *SIGH* I laughed SOOOOOOO hard.

B.Y.O.B. makes these all the times. Click here to peep some more. Shout out to the homie JanaiChristian for pointing me towards this jewel.

P.S. THIS SHIT is funny as hell too. Ya'll know I love Lil' Duval.

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Thursday, May 14, 2009


Use the comment box and leave some words, cause I have none besides these three- I hate niggashyt.

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Who Is Responsible For This?????????

I don't mind capitalizing on grade A fuckery to make a buck or $5. It is a recession after all. Durty Mo is my hero. Shit. But THIS..... This I simply can't condone. Cockbibs???? Not only am I mad about the fact that these are REAL, I'm destroyed by this video.

I CAN'T. I wish a muthafucka WOULD whip out a bib when I'm getting into some Hoe Shit. Someone explain. Read more ...

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Bitch, That Was 25 Years Ago!!!

Quick! What's the most FAMOUS music video of all time????

No, sorry. I know, I thought of this too at first. But no. Actually, it's Michael Jackson's "Thriller". Do you know that Ola Ray, the chick from the video, is SUING MJ for royalties off the video??


WHAT THE HELL??? That shit was 25 years ago!! I'm just saying, I didn't even know you could get royalties off being in a music video. My cousin Dane Dane is in all Shawty Lo videos, he ain't get paid for it though. Does Carlos owe him some money?? I need answers.

But on some real shit, Ola Ray is tripping. Or maybe not. I mean, it is a recession and shit. I'm finna look up my 2nd grade best friend up on facebook cause I gave her $1 to buy a Lisa Frank pencil and eraser from the school store and she ain't neva pay me back. I gots to get to dah moneys like Giesha said.

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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The Dream Realized???

Barack is in office, and my girlfriend herself said on CNN to Larry King not to long ago that she hopes one day there will be no more racism. Are we getting there???? They are at the Red House!!

I'm WYGBA, this commercial entertained me, and I'm black. LoL

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