Friday, July 31, 2009

Michael Would Not Be Pleased!!!!!!

It's been a long time, I shouldna left you, but a bitch been working, moving, engaged in life and hoeshit. But I'm back! And better than ever. I was at a shindig the other night, and somebody showed me this video... And I knew, if ever there was something to come back to, it's this. Sooooo many questions... so little time!!

LMAO. How you tell the Repo man to "Beat It"??? And just where the FUCK this nigga get a Delorean from??? I can't. You shouldn't either.


Je'Kendria said...


LOLOLOLOLOL especially when he was posing for the camera. You know I died.

अर्शिया अली said...

Nice Blog. Congrats.
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