Monday, March 23, 2009

Love, Sex, Magic . . . Girl Crush Reactivated

I say all the time that Beyonce is my girlfriend. And in my head she is. No, I'm not gay, I love penis. It's a great and quite wonderful thing. But I just wanna be around Beyonce. I wanna go to sleep and wake up next to her every morning and have her sing to me as I stroke her hair while Jay-Z and my Bust It Baby are in the kitchen making us turkey sausage and cheese omelettes. Yes I love Bey, and I make no apologies for it. But On October 25, 2006, I cheated on my girlfriend for the first time.

Ciara's "Promise" video was on my TV Screen, and I was mesmerized. And it was weird, cause I liked Ciara b4, but I always saw her as that cheerleader from Riverdale that made it big! Go Atlanta and all that good stuff. But that damn Promise video had me with a new, albeit fleeting, girl crush on CiCi. The buzz died down, and I was back to girl crushing only on Queen Bey.

It's been a peaceful year and a half since Promise. But now CiCi's back on my girl crush radar. Cause THIS SHIT RIGHT HERE NIGGA!!!!! Whew! I present to you, LOVE SEX MAGIC. The music video in full. Be prepared to be mesmerized.

P.S. Penis, don't be worried. I will never forsake you.

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