Monday, March 30, 2009

Must Fu*kin' See T.V. For That Ass!!

As an entertainment blogger, one should be able to write a blog in which they share thoughts or commentary on various subjects and goings on in the entertainment world. I am not an entertainment blogger. I blog about fuckery. And I should be able to type my little fuckery enthusiast heart away when I come across a JEWEL such as this. But after watching this, I AM SPEECHLESS. There are no words. So I'm let ya'll write. Please leave a comment with your thoughts. Flava Flav and Ray J AIN'T GOT SHIT ON PLIES!!!!

"Goonette" Trailer


Kitty said...

Oh. My. Damn.
I was NOT expecting this ninja to bring out a midget stripper! This dude is bonkers. And if his show does make it onto tv, you know my black @ss will be watching faithfully.. lmao!!

Lola said...

WTF??? This shit went from bad to worse!!! What's sad about the whole situation is that Algernon is actually intelligent and college educated, but he would rather protrude this "goon" image. *Big fucking sigh*

Anonymous said...


Je'Kendria said...

"I'm hood, but I'm not gangsta"

This is my heart before watching this - <3

This is my heart now ___

I'm crushed! said...

Jesus F*cking Christ!!! I was not expecting to see "Diary of a Mad Black Midget Stripper"

@ Lola, that chain on Piles neck may as well say "Coon"