Thursday, June 18, 2009

Ballroom Thursdays

You know I love the queens, so I can't let a Thursday go by without giving you some ballroom to give you LIFE! Now, everybody knows Leiomy Mizrahi is hands down my favorite. But I need to find a number 2! You feel me??

So while I was searching high and low, I remembered this post.... and I was so focused on Selvin Khan and his one dangling tooth in all it's fabulousness. But... what about RICKY ALLURE?! I went back and watched that video from 2:39 to 4:25. It was ALL about Ricky Allure. If you go back and watch, you'll see that Mr. Ma'am or Miss Sir, whatever you wanna call him was giving you MUCH fevah! And got damnit if that bitch didn't WERK! He's intriguing. So I perused youtube watching Ricky Allure for a whole damn hour (That's a long time. A whole hour on the internet is one whole less hour I have to do hoe shit.)

Ladies and Gentlemen, I present, The LEGENDARY Ricky Allure.

He told that bitch, throw that damn tutu if you want to. I will embarrass you with your OWN shit! I LOVE IT!

The 7 seconds between 0:23 and 0:30 GAVE ME SO MUCH LIFE!!!!!!! You ain't neva seen the robot look that good! HA!


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