Friday, February 13, 2009

I'm A Part Time Stripper, And I Do Hair

I figured if I didn't acknowledge the date today, nothing bad would happen to me, as it always does. But I woke up to this shit in my inbox.

I'm so very very sad now. But I think this was my bad thing for the day, cause I actually watched the whole thing. Did you see the Chuckie Doll?!?!?! I can't today!

Sidenote- You're cool if you know where the title came from. LoL.


Lunden said...

bc i dont know where that came from im lame? Lundy

Gem said...


I am so done with life. The very last 10 seconds...the Chucky doll.

I have so much family in Detroit. I'm going to use this as Exhibit A for why I can no longer visit them.