Thursday, February 19, 2009

Raw Dogg Pokin'? Nooooooo!!

I think this just may have crossed the line from fuckery to some real bullshit! LoL. I can't call it! Ladies, start carrying your own Goldies (hopefully), cause clearly these negroes are on some other shit these days!

SMH. A damn shame! And I love Lil Duval! Ask my HU friends. He did the homecoming comedy show my freshman year and I threw some draws at him on stage. I have an autographed poster from him that says "Learn to keep yo drawz to your damn self. Love, Roland Powell." But I can't cosign this. LoL. What should I expect from a man that asked the world on Twitter, and I quote, "WOULD I BE WRONG TO ASK MY BABYMAMA TO BABYSIT MY GIRLFRIEND DAUGHTER WHILE I TAKE HER TO HAWAII ON VACATION?"


Annisha said...

lol lol at his twitter post!

Sunshyne said...

I ♥ Duval! He's so silly!!

xMizz-Im- illyx said...