Thursday, February 12, 2009

What the fuk is he saying?!

I have a lot of respect for Ryan Leslie. Not only did he graduate from Harvard at 19, but he wrote a hit song for Cassie. Have you heard her voice?! Now that's what you call accomplishment. Anyway, Ryan Leslie's new CD is a BANGER. Now, I might be crazy, but my favorite song on the CD is one in which I can hardly understand what this nigga is saying. But I LOVE this song. Who knew you could love a song without understanding the lyrics. The song is Appropriately entitled "Gibberish". LoL. Take a listen.

DOWNLOAD: ryan leslie - gibberish

LoL. Guess I won't be singing along any time soon.

*Side note- One of my twitter buds calls Ryan Leslie "Milhouse." LMAO. I see it! Hilarious.


Nicole said...

hahaha he does look like Milhouse LMAO!

MzVirgo said...

Now that he's getting some money, he could go get those teeth fixed!