Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Now That's A Bad Bitch

When I saw Michelle Obama on election night in that very memorable red and black stunner of a dress by Narcisco Rodriguez, I turned and asked a friend "Is it okay to call Michelle a Bad Bitch? I need answers, cause DAMNIT will you LOOK AT HER?!!?! That's a bad ass bitch!"

No disrespect. But hey, I call it like I see it. And if ever anybody deserved the title.... Sheeeeit. I wouldn't be surprised if Barack Obama himself thinks from time to time "My wife is a bad bitch."

The First Lady is covering Vogue this month. Now... I could applaud Vogue for this, but I'm not. It's Black History month and those bitches hardly ever give a Black woman a cover. And black models?! Forget about it. Oprah, Halle Berry, and JHud have each graced the covers but no Tyra, Alek Wek, or Veronica Webb. But I digress....

Check out the Baddest Bitch on the world and her Vogue Cover. Yes, I said "On the world". She's that bad.

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