Thursday, February 26, 2009

His mama named him Clay, I'ma call him Clay

Ya'll know I love Lil Duval AND I especially love T.I. The former for being cute with his little self and the latter for being responsible for my introduction to Young Dro... and that rapping thing he does too. So while perusing the internet for Fuckery, I came across this little jewel and I had to share!

T.I. is so silly!!!!!!! The video is ten times funnier just because of how hard he's laughing. LoL. But I feel their pain. I met a girl who told me "Everybody calls me Chocolate" when I asked her for her name. SMH. You crazy if you think I'm bout to call you that. Silly rabbit.

p.s. This begs the question, at what age is it not okay for a grown ass man to have a nickname anyway?


xMizz-Im- illyx said...

lol. they so silly

Anonymous said...

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