Thursday, April 9, 2009

Ballroom Thursday- DRAMATIC!

You know what time it is. As you know, on Thursday, I like to pay homage to the ballroom scene. I fucking LIVE for these queens and the day I'm able to witness a ball in person will rank up there on my list of best days ever. You know what it is.

I can't love Leyomi with acknowledging Alloura. So here's an ode to Alloura, another FIERCE bitch whom Leyomi drew his/her inspiration from. Now "Dramatic" means the queen is about to GO AWWWWWF!!!! And Alloura is like the first to ever do it. He/She's the original at this dramatic shit. She's so See You Next Tuesday[1] as the queens would say! Those tittays might pop out EVERYTIME but don't let them fool you. Alloura was born swangin and not puntangin!!! I love it!! WERK ALLOURA!!!!

A bitch is practicing that sideways crawl on the floor TONIGHT you hear me?

Here's a montage video of some of my favorite clips (including some footage of my beloved Leyomi) of some other queens and Alloura him/herself going awwwf with the dramatics.

I LIVE!!!!

1. See You Next Tuesday is how I say the word C-U-N... Don't make me spell it out! really don't like that word! But you get it!

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michemo said...

I would love to see that dude from ANTM Benny Ninja doin this shit. He would kill it!