Monday, April 13, 2009

Danger! She Smashed The Homies!!

Growing up in Atlanta, we had a plethora of colorful euphemisms for having sex. And "Smash" wasn't one of them. It wasn't until I was 18 at HU that I heard someone from up north, or maybe the west coast say "I smashed." And when I figured out what he was talking about, I immediately put the term "Smashing" on my "DO NOT LIKE" list. LoL. But alas, the years up here have found "smash" in my vernacular, much to my dismay. This video makes us for it!

SMH. They shoulda never gave some niggas innanets.


Anonymous said...

we definitely use "smash" in the Htown. lol

S A V V Y Fatty! said...

Yoooo! How Flo-Rida got a deal and Tom Green DON'T? That shit was on INSTANT classic mizzode.

Anywhoo: I already got the remix wrote:
"It ain't no fuuunnnnn/If Danger didn't let the homey HAAAAAAVVE NONE"Get a piece of me at the Grammys.

Anonymous said...

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