Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Pray For The Kids

I remember when I was little, there were some songs and music videos my mama was just NOT gonna have me and my little sister exposed to. I don't know what's going on with parents these days. People under the age of 13 mixed with certain songs/ dances just automatically equal a parenting FAIL. Father, help your children!

Young sir, you are all of 10 years old, if that. WHAT does thuggin love even mean at that age? Are you bullying somebody out of their Oatmeal Pie on the school yard and giving it to your girl?? (He can sing though...)

I know ya'll remember that!! They ain't gon think that shit is cute when she's 12 and shaking her ass all over the place.

And I KNOW we all remember when this hit the internet streets. They better put a Nuva Ring on lil mama in the pink at MENARCHE! I ain't lying! SMH.


Ro'Shine said...

Thuggin love is a spoof song that they sang on The Boondocks. I don't let my nephew watch that show no more. haha

Miss Stylishly Graceful said...

LOL but seriously whoever was video'n those kids at the end needs to be slapped...GET REAL!!

LOL that boy is serious about that Thuggin Love...and his camera man needs to GET REAL too!!

freez said...

this is why i write AGE APPROPRIATE music for kids www.solarpub.com--these parents need better options and all us black folks need to step up and share some wisdom cause we going down in flames with this madness