Tuesday, April 14, 2009


I don't watch "You Are NOT The Father" anymore cause last time I did, I saw this-

and was immediately turned off. [1]

It's a shame I guess, cause word on the curb is that every 70 shows, they might sprinkle in an episode that has nothing to do with DNA testing. Go figure. So shout out to the homie Ja for directing to this nugget of fuckery. Her tip of the day, If ya man comes home and says he had Chicken Tetrazzini for lunch, pull a Riskay and ask to smell that dick!

WHY is she more country than a sugar sammich on light skinned bread?!?! I can't.

1. HOW and WHY do these broads constantly go on Maury with that 5000% sure bullshit? Setting yourself up for Epic Failure.


Caress Lepore said...

Her chicken tetrazzini must be that crack

Patrice said...

I had to google Chicken tetrazzini. I'm slightly ashamed.

But now all I need is some butter and cheese and I can start stealing hearts.

MzVirgo said...

I think I'm gonna have to google that too LOL

Anonymous said...

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