Sunday, April 19, 2009

When Sunday Comes My Troubles Go...

... But this video you're about to watch troubled me on this glorious Sunday Mawnin'. A little background if you will-

Now, I know you ALL can remember when Kirk Franklin came out with Stomp. Think back to your first time hearing it. Let's say you just came in on the chorus, or on Salt from Salt and Pepa's rap. You may have been confused. You were probably listening to your regular old radio station, and Stomp was probably played right between Junior Mafia's "Crush On You" and Master P's "Make Em Say Uggh". If you were like me, you were jammin and then you stopped, listened to the lyrics, and realized.... it was a gospel song.

Kirk Franklin was responsible for making a plethora of super jiggy gospel songs. As my friend Katrina would say "Kirk Franklin needs to stop making these church songs with these tight ass beats!!" I didn't mind it so much.... UNTIL THIS WEEKEND. When Mary Mary took it to a WHOLE 'NOTHA LEVEL. Hold my mule.

AUTOTUNE???? AMBER ROSE IN THE VIDEO???? Noooooooooooooooooooooo Mary Mary!!!!!!! We are surely in the end of days.

If I ever hear this mixed with "Blame It On The Alcohol" I quit life. Unless it's during Communion I guess. *shrugs shoulders*

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Muze said...

ummm yeah that's insane. Mary Mary have already been pushing it with their lowcut tops on Sunday's Best.

side eying them for real. lol.

btw.. i'm following you on twitter! (mzunyque)

hope all is well.